Aman Shelter

Aman Shelter is a one-of-a-kind shelter in Istanbul that houses homeless LGBT refugees.

What We Do

Launched from a crowdfunding project, the AMAN Shelter supports LGBT refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq by providing a bed, Turkish language classes, and professional development programs. Currently, Istanbul&I is working on the latter – launching projects to aide the tenants of AMAN Shelter with either independent businesses or start ups that can financially sustain their needs.

What We Need

Those with the skills in professional development (like field of management, human resources, fashion, design, social media/marketing, psychology, and gender studies) and sensitive to the needs of refugees dealing with gender and sexuality-based violence and oppression.


AMAN Shelter is organized as a coaching system where volunteers are assigned to tenants and aid them according to their schedules. If you are part of this project, your volunteer commitment is subject to the needs and availability of the tenants.