Bomonti Elderly Home

Supported by the French Catholic Church, the Bomonti Elderly Home houses 60-70 elderly people from Turkey.

What We Do

Twice a month, Istanbul&I visits the elderly house and helps prepare meals for the elderly, do landscaping work in their garden, and provide one on one conversation. This popular program enriches our volunteers by exposing them to the fascinating histories that the elderly share, and in turn the elderly find comfort and energy from our volunteers’ intrigue.

What We Need

Volunteers who like to spend time listening and speaking with Turkish elderly people, cooking food, and organizing activities to entertain them. Volunteers with Turkish speaking skills are important but not mandatory. Anyone with an interest in hearing about the illustrious stories of Turkey’s past through the stories of these kind elderly people is helpful.


We aim to visit the elderly home twice a month on either Saturday or Sunday mornings.

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