Intro to Culture


Intro to Culture is a new program that aims to expose people to a local culture through education, food, and history.

What We Do

Living in Istanbul accords us the opportunity to meet people of all backgrounds, statuses, classes, and orientation. Thus far, we have organized Intro to Culture as a way to showcase world cultures and traditions. Our first event, Intro to Culture: Kurdish was organized with a Kurdish youth cultural group in Istanbul.

We are looking to cooperate with a multitude of communities to expose young people to diverse cultures and ideas. We usually have a cultural activity and enjoy amazing ethnic food. Past events include Lebanese Maronite Christians, Yalda Night, and an Al-Qudus event.

What We Need

Volunteers who are passionate about cultural appreciation, cultural production, event organizing, and communicating traditions and ideas to an audience using a variety of mediums. This is not limited to one’s ethnicity, but it can highlight diaspora communities, musical traditions, holidays, cinema, and more.

Volunteers who love to cook, especially foods from different cultures, for us to sell for donations for our programs.


We aim to host two cultural nights a month.


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