Our Members

Who are we?

We are travelers of the world, seeking and advocating love, peace, and unity, who had united in the historic city of Istanbul. Some have come from places as far as Japan, Canada, Russia, and so many other places, and others were born in the area. We celebrate our differences for they pull us closer together. We are brothers and sisters who see a friend in everybody. We are a painting the beauty of which you can’t exactly pinpoint on the canvas, because we are who we are as a whole. We seek to change the world with love. We are of all ages, nationalities, social statuses, educational backgrounds, races, sexes, and religions, yet that only makes us more interesting and innovative. We are a lot of things, but before anything, we are humans, just like you and I.

What do we do ?

We advocate love, peace, and unity. We are people who see beauty in everything, and at the same time, we know that something should be changed, but we don’t wait for things to be done, we immediately start the change. The best thing about changing the world is that you can start doing it immediately, with the simplest of things – things that accumulate to have a great change. This is what we believe in, and we will keep doing what we believe in. “Nothing is more creative… nor destructive… than a brilliant mind with a purpose.”

Where are we from?

We are from all parts of the world. We consider ourselves global citizens and we believe there is no need for borders. We have crossed miles, borders, countries, continents, and even oceans to deliver our message of love. We are from everywhere.