Unaccompanied Minors Dormitory

The UMD Project is an educational, wellness and social enrichment program, targeted at the unaccompanied teenage refugee boys living in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıkoy area of Istanbul.

What We Do

Launched in late August, the project has been expanding ever since, currently organizing 5 weekly volunteering programs for the benefit of the boys. These include two English and two Turkish Speaking clubs and one coached football session per week.

The boys, aged 14-17, are mostly of Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi, and East African origin, and have fled their homes on their own. While they are given basic needs like food and shelter and a little pocket money, many of them aren’t allowed to receive education in Turkey. Filling this much needed void for the boys is our main objective in the UMD Project.

With the language programs we aim to equip the boys with the linguistic knowledge to seek employment and higher education, as well as gain the ability to self-study using online resources. With the Sports and Social Enrichment programs, we aim to help the boys improve their physical wellness and social skills.

What We Need

Volunteers who are experienced teachers in English and Turkish language are needed for our language program.

Volunteers who are interested in coaching football sessions.

We are also actively looking for sponsorships for social programs for the boys. If you would like to facilitate a social program, like a museum visit, art class, or neighborhood tour, please email us at istanbulandi@gmail.com.


We hold all language programs in a classroom in Yeldeğirmeni from 4-6 PM. Turkish is on Fridays and Saturdays and English is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We hold our football sessions on Mondays.

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