Comedy Fundraisers


Istanbul&I holds regular comedy initiatives featuring performances by stand-up comedians from different backgrounds, focusing on topics ranging from family relationships to social stereotypes and life as a foreigner in Turkey.

What We Do

We encourage our community to hone their comedy and public speaking skills in comedy nights that poke fun at stereotypes. Since laughter is the universal language, we hope that these comedy shows will bring communities together and make people realize our numerous similarities. We began “Arabs Are Not Funny” in April 2017, a program featuring Arab comedians and foreigners. After the show’s huge success, we held two more “Arabs Are Not Funny” shows and gained a following.

Our latest comedy show series “Ha Ha Hanimlar” features a diverse group of women comedians discussing the daily lives of global women. Our first show, in October, was our most popular comedy show to date. We are currently planning our second “Ha Ha Hanimlar” with great excitement.

What We Need

Volunteers interested in comedy and events planning. If you are interested in performing or have an idea for a comedy program, contact us at [email protected]


We host our comedy night fundraisers on a semi-regular basis. Please check out our Facebook page and calendar for more information.

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