Building a Culture of Empathy

By Ayça Doğan

Yesterday, we hosted Tribeless Conversations event in our Istanbul&I office.

Tribeless Conversations are a safe space for anyone to come together and have deep, honest, insightful conversations taking place all around the world. Greta (who was also at the Humans for Change Summit in Impact Hub) facilitated the tribeless story circle.

A little summary of the workshop;

We all gathered around a table and played a game called “Empathy in a Box”. The main topic was acceptance so through our own stories, we talked about what these concepts mean to us with a connection to acceptance. The stories told were beautiful and reminded us once again how similar we all are, no matter how different our lives stories and backgrounds are. We felt empathy towards some feelings and stories but on the other hand, there were also some stories that some of us could not relate to but we got to learn from each other. There was so much love shared and meaningful questions asked as well as constructive disagreements.

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