Istanbul&I’s New Office!

After a busy three weeks of renovations we finally have a newly designed Office.


Istanbul&I’s office has been renovated thanks to the dedication of a small group of design and art-based leaders and the support of numerous volunteers! For three weeks our volunteers met at the office every day to clear away old decorations, clean the space, paint the walls, install lamps, and put new furniture into place. Two of our volunteers even travelled for four hours to pick up our new couches from Beylikduzu, showing the dedication of our community is strong.


Last November we were so happy to move into our first office space and use it as a centre to host meetings and our social inclusion activities. Almost every night we had a different program in the office and we couldn’t have done it without last year’s volunteers! Thanks to their talent and passion we had a cozy design to host these events, however with the start of a new season we wanted a new design to reflect the organization’s growth.


Volunteers hard at work.


Cleaning, painting, and designing the office was not always easy, but our team of volunteers enjoyed being together during the work and getting to know new volunteers. This past weekend Istanbul&I’s volunteers met to celebrate the office renovation, get accustomed to the newly designed space, and meet one another after a long summer to get more inspired and excited for the upcoming Fall programs.


Our design leader, Burouj, is hard at work with painting salvedged wood.

Now that the renovation is complete we are happy to announce a full return to our normal activities, such as Turkish, English, French, and Spanish Speaking Clubs, workshops, Introduction to Culture events, TALKs, and more. We also will continue our volunteer partnerships outside of the office with Hayata Sarıl Lokantası, Qnuysho, and Okmeydanı Yardımlaşma ve Dayınma Derneği.


Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on all of our events and come visit our office to take a look at our beautiful new design for yourselves!



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