Junko Kanero 

Co-Executive Coordinator

Junko joined Istanbul&I in August 2017. Since then, Junko has been involved in almost all initiatives carried out in Istanbul&I. She was the first General Project Manager of Language Speaking Clubs, which later became one of the signature projects Istanbul&I is known for. In August 2019, Junko became the Co-Executive Coordinators (Co-ECs) of Istanbul&I, together with Tahiya Moosa. As the Co-EC, Junko takes care of various aspects of Istanbul&I, from overseeing volunteer and social inclusion projects to networking with external collaborators and funders. 

Outside of Istanbul&I, Junko is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Sabancı University. Her research explores language development in infancy and childhood, the use of technology in language education, neural processing of language, and how language and non-linguistic cognition interact. If you are interested in Junko’s academic work, please also visit her website at Sabancı University! 

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