Social Inclusion Events: What is ÇayTalks?

Participants are all smiles as they get to know their fellow neighbours in Istanbul!

ÇayTalks is one of the popular public events organized by Istanbul&I that has been running for almost two years. It is a social inclusion program that takes place biweekly in different cafes around Istanbul each time. There is a specific topic or ‘theme’ selected by our project managers, generally following a pattern of subjects which generate diverse discussions between the participants such as; “Cultural Adaptation”, “Morality and Ethics”, “Empathy”, “Social and Digital Anxiety”, etc.


ÇayTalks is essentially built around the idea of creating a platform where you are able to share your ideas and opinions on the subject, while meeting new people from many different countries and backgrounds, discovering new places around the city, and having some tea!


Not only do participants get to meet new people and share ideas, but also get exposed to Istanbul’s cosy and comfortable cafes.

This initiative began around two years ago as an attempt to have social inclusion within Istanbul. We try and motivate people to come together, and have an open and valuable conversation with others as a means to encourage the culture of ‘face to face’ communication within the society. ÇayTalks has been one of Istanbul&I’s long running and popular events as it enables people to express themselves and create new friendships in a fun and interactive way.


By Banu Betül Çiçek

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